Official Documents and Reports

Here you will be able to explore and research official documents about the case. Reports, interviews and links

Tucson, AZ February 2021 UAP Incident Air Radio Comms

These written transcripts are from the FOID’d FAA audio radio comms of the February 9, 2021 UFO incident in Tucson AZ, between a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter, “Troy 164”, which had a near mid-air collision with a small UAP and the Tucson, AZ...

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Karson Kamerzell Tic Tac Witness From USS Princeton

Between 2018 and today I received many emails from people interested in my film. In addition, I had asked that anyone who had witnessed a military UAP event contact me via email. I was overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and sharing of information. Many, many new...

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USS Nimitz Nov 2004 Deck Logs

This file was produced through a Freedom of Information Act request by SCU researchers.   While the document does not reveal any mention of AAV's UAPs, or UFOs it is useful for understanding the ship bridge operations and observation by the sailors on watch 24/7 on...

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Fighter Sweep – There I Was – X-Files Edition article.

On March 14th, 2015 the fighter pilot trade magazine website "Fighter Sweep" had an article titled "There I was: The X-Files Edition" that recounted the Nimitz Encounters. The article was written by Ret. Naval Aviator and friends of Dave Fravor, Francesco "Paco"...

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Unofficial CVW-11 Air Wing 11 Event Summary of Nov 14 2004

This document was leaked to the website above top secret in 2007 by an anonymous user. It's authenticity has not been verified. I have a FOIA request submitted to the Air Wing 11 and it's wait and see at this point. Most of this lines up with the other documents found...

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Female F/A-18 Pilots official statement on incident

This document first appeared on the To The Stars Academy website in 2017 you can download the original report here: TTSA Pilots Report   SENSITIVE — CONTAINS PII QUEUE Report Report Number. 20170024A “SOURCE” TYPE:...

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USS Nimitz UAP Executive Summary Report

This document was originally released by George Knapp of KLAS TV in Las Vegas. The original is a photocopy of a document. No date or location of the source of the report is mentioned. This link has the original pdf. TIC TAC UFO EXECUTIVE...

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Six Key Assessments from the Official Doc. Executive Summary

Key Assessments by Nimitz Pilots from the 13-Page Event Executive Summary. The anomalous aerial vehicle was no known aircraft or air vehicle currently in the inventory of United States or any foreign nation. The anomalous aerial view exhibited advanced low-observable...

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