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QUEUE Report

Report Number. 20170024A




DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 14 November, 2004; from approximately 1200 to 1300, EST (Field Comment – “Source” originally indicated a time period from approximately 1000 hours to 1400 hours, but later clarified that the precise time to be approximately 1200 as her mission was the first sortie from the aircraft carrier that day)

LOCATION OF INCIDENT: U.S. Navy Operating Area “Whiskey”, approximately 40 – 60 nautical miles (NM) West of the coast line of San Diego, California., United States.

DATE/TIME or REPORT: 7 September 2017; from approximately 1815 to 2130 hours.

LOCATION INFORMATION PROVIDED: Skydome Restaurant, Doubletree Hotel, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

(Please note ““Source””, OK-3, OK-4, OK-5, and OK-6 have requested anonymity)

“SOURCE” INFORMATION Name: ____________ (Pilot of Fast Eagle wing)

OTHERS KNOWLEDGEABLE 1 (0K-1) Name: SLAIGHT, James; Call Sign: “Clean” (Weapons System Officer of Fast Eagle wing)

OTHERS KNOWLEDGEABLE 2 (0K-2) Name: FRAVOR, David; Call Sign: “Sex” (Pilot of Fast Eagle lead)

OTHERS KNOWLEDGEABLE 3 (0K-3) _____________ (Weapons System Officer of Fast Eagle lead)

OTHERS KNOWLEDGEABLE 4 (OK-4) _____________(F/A-18 Pilot filmed FLIR1)

OTHERS KNOWLEDGEABLE 5 (OK-5) ______________(F/A-18 WSO filmed FLIR1)

OTHERS KNOWLEDGEABLE 6 (OK-6) ______________(Radar Operator E-2 Hawkeye Wallbangers Squdron)


On 7 September 2017, at approximately 1815 hours, EST, “Source” was met in the Lobby of the Doubletree Hotel, located in Crystal City, VA. (Field Comment – The meeting was pre-coordinated two days prior.) The purpose of the meeting was to obtain additional information regarding an incident “Source” encountered in 2004, involving a possible Unidentified Aerial System (UAS), while on an official training mission. (Field Comment – “Source” is an 0-4, Active Duty Officer with the U.S. Navy and has maintained a Top Secret security clearance for the duration of her career. “Source” is also highly decorated and a recognized expert in aviation and Navy combat flight operations.)

In early July 2004, “Source” received her first military assignment as a pilot for the U.S. Navy’s F-18 Super Hornet. “Source” conducted joint exercises as part of “COPE THUNDER” at Eielson, Air Force Base, Denali, Alaska until August 2004. After completing her initial training period. “Source” was assigned in October 2004 to support the U.S.S. Nimitz Carrier Battle Group. in San Diego, CA.

On 14 November 2004, the U.S.S. Nimitz Battle Group was conducting a training mission in U.S. Navy Operating Area ‘Whiskey’, approximately 80 nautical miles (NM) West from the coast of San Diego. The purpose of the training was to practice carrier operations, launch and recovery, flight safety drills, and battle scenarios. The weather conditions for that day were exceptional with no cloud cover and a calm sea state. Visibility was unrestricted and skies were blue. “Source”, OK-1, OK-2. and OK-3 were identified as the first cycle of F-18s that day and as such were designated first to be launched. OK-6 was located approximately 120 NM from the training location and was assigned as the radar operator for the E-2 Hawkeye radar aircraft serving as air traffic control.

At approximately 1200 hours EST, “Source” and OK-1 were launched from the U.S.S. Nimitz. “Source” was piloting the aircraft while OK-1 was assigned to the back seat as the designated Weapons Systems Officer (WSO). Upon launching, “Source” and OK-1 immediately rendezvoused with OK-2 and OK-3 and proceeded together to their designated training area. “Source” and OK-1 served as wing for OK-2 and OK-3. Upon reaching their designated training area, “Source”, OK-1, OK-2, and OK-3 engaged in “Red Air vs. Blue Air” combat routines with OK-6 serving as air traffic controller.

At approximately 1230 hours, during a mission ‘reset’, an unidentified female voice from the U.S.S. Princeton Missile Cruiser, CVL-23 interrupted their combat routines to announce an immediate re-vectoring. (“Source” Comment — the female voice was that of a young woman and there was a sense of urgency in her tone.) Upon hearing the female controller’s command, OK-2 realized the re-vectoring was in the opposite direction of the U.S.S. Nimitz. Although “Source”, OK-1, OK-2, and OK-3 were not particularly alarmed over the request, due to concerns of limited fuel, OK-2 requested another group of F-18s respond to the call. At this time, the female controller’s voice became more directive in tone and ordered the two F-18s to the new operating area.

(“Source” Comment – “I became nervous when I heard the female controller for the second time, I could sense concern and urgency in her voice and I realized this was not a drill and that this was for real.”)

Both F-18s assumed combat formation enroute to the new location. “Source” and OK-1’s aircraft was approximately .3 NM behind OK-2 and OK-3’s aircraft and both F-18s proceeded East at an altitude of approximately 10,000 to 20,000 feet towards San Clemente Island. “Source” inquired to OK-1 “what do you think it is?” to which OK-1 responded it might be drug runners. “Source” then remarked to OK-1 “bad ass!” (“Source” Comment – as a new pilot, the idea that we were being asked to intercept drug runners was exciting to me. I fully expected to see a low flying Cessna or helicopter coming from Mexico.)

As both F-18s approached the new operating area, the female controller announced “approaching merge plot”. At this time, the female controller asked “what is your load-out?” (Field Comment – the request tor load out refers to the quantity and type of ordinance the aircraft is armed with.) OK-2 responded to the female controller “none, practice rounds only”. (“Source” Comment – At this point I was frightened due to the fact that we were being asked if we had any weapons available. I became concerned because we were in a situation that we may have to use our aircraft itself as weapon. I was thinking to myself that this could be another September 11th style attack that we’re being asked to intercept.) As both F-18s approached the target location, the female controller began to count down the anticipated intercept time, “two minutes to merge plot”, etc. Finally, the female controller indicated ‘merge plot’ and announced you should have visual.

As “Source” looked down at the ocean from the cockpit, she noticed a small patch of water, approximately 60 feet wide by 80 feet in length that appeared choppy and turbulent amongst a calm sea. The disturbance was unusual in that there was no apparent cause. The area was generally the shape of an oval and appeared to be ‘roiling’. Towards the center of the disturbance, the water appeared lighter color and smooth again as if an unknown object had recently submerged beneath the surface. “Source” opined she thought she was be witnessing a crash, perhaps that of an unidentified aircraft, as she made the mental transition from intercept mission to search and rescue.

Approximately two seconds after noticing the unusual water disturbance, “Source” described witnessing a small, unidentified aerial system (UAS) cross over the turbulent area of water. The unidentified object was elongated, approximately 30 to 40 feet in length, white in color, and described resembling a ‘tic-tac candy mint. The object had no distinguishable control surfaces, was uniformly smooth, with no windows. doors, or lights visible. The object was opaque with a solid, definable edge. The object did not appear to emit any noticeable light or radiation from its surface nor did it have any noticeable exhaust trail. The object traveled from left to right over the disturbed water at an altitude of approximately 1000 to 3000 feet. The object appeared to travel at a speed of approximately 300 to 500 knots in a straight line. “Source” was unaware of the origin of the object or its destination but believed the disturbed water below could have been related in some way to the object. “Source” immediately became alarmed and initially thought that perhaps this was an unannounced, classified missile test by a U.S. Navy submarine. As such, she was concerned that the object could pose a threat, especially given the fact both F-18s were unarmed.

Upon noticing the object, OK-2 indicated over the radio “I’m in!’ in which “Source” replied “I have high cover”. (“Source” Comment – I was scared because I never encountered as situation like this before and I felt that the object had yet to be identified and we were about to pursue it.)

OK-2 conducted an aggressive banking maneuver and dropped his aircraft while turning at the same time in order to catch up with the object. As OK-2 conducted the maneuver, “Source” noticed the object immediately respond to OK-2’s change of direction. (“Source” Comment – the UFO turned on Sex and ______ as if it knew or somehow anticipated what they were going to do and even pointed towards them! I was worried for them because whatever this was. Sex and ______ didn’t stand a chance against it! There is no way any aircraft or missile that I know of could conduct maneuvers like what we saw that day.) “Source” indicated that the object began to make deliberate changes in its altitude and angle in response to OK-2’s aircraft in a manner that seemed to defy the laws of flight physics. The object instantaneously but in a controlled, intelligent manner ‘tumbled” into nonsensical angles, that made any engagement by the F-18 impossible. OK-2 and OK-3 were approximately 1000 to 3000 feet from the object when the object turned and “pointed at them”. OK-2 conducted one or two evasive turns in their F-18 but the object appeared to maintain positive and dominant control of the airspace.

At no time during the incident did either F-18 have radar contact with the object; however, OK-6 and the female air controller confirmed radar contact. After approximately 8 to 10 seconds, both “Source” and OK-2 lost visual contact with the object. When “Source” looked back at the area where the ocean was disturbed, the water was again smooth and calm with no signs of anything submerging. (Field Comment – “Source” used a pen to describe how the object behaved when OK-2 and OK-3 approached it. “Source” also drew a picture of the incident, see attachment.)

Upon losing visual contact with the object, both F-18s were low on fuel and returned successfully to the U.S.S. Nimitz without further incident. Upon recovery of both aircraft, “Source”, OK-1. OK-2, and OK-3 arrived for their routine intelligence debriefing only to find that no debriefing official was available. Furthermore, closed circuit television onboard the ship had movies involving aliens and paranormal activities playing. (Field Comment – “Source” was furious that colleagues on the ship were not taking the incident seriously and were playing the movies “Signs”, “Men in Black”, and “X-Files”. “Source” believed it was a flight safety issue at a minimum, especially if they were deliberately vectored to a testing location of a blue-force weapon system.)

After not receiving an intelligence debriefing, “Source”, OK-1, OK-2, and OK-3 entered the Ready Room, where OK-2 slammed closed and secured both hatchways and began making an electronic copy of the gun tape from his F-18. During this time, “Source” made detailed written notes of the incident on available punter paper and mailed them to her Aunt with the notice ‘keep this because this is important stuff about some real X-files shit.’ (Field Comment – “Source” is unaware if copies of the gun tapes still exist but maintains an original copy of her notes and her log book entry.)

According to “Source”, OK-4 and OK-5 also encountered the same object later the some day. OK-4 and OK-5 were assigned to the follow-on cycle from the U.S.S. Nimitz and obtained brief FLIR footage of the incident. When OK-4 and OK-5 later compared the video, “Source” identified the object affirmatively as being the some one she saw earlier. (Field Comment – The FLIR footage displays what appears to be a white tic-lac shaped object suddenly darting off the screen at high velocity when it is approached.)

No negative physiological or mental issues were experienced during the incident or afterwards. “Source” indicated she experienced some time dilation during the incident but believes it was due to her heightened state of excitement and adrenaline and note result of her interaction with the object.

PARTICIPANTS (4). Government Lead 014; Government Lead 015: Industry Lead 005: Industry Lead 006.

ACTIONS TAKEN: Tentative meetings with OK-2 and OK-3 have been initiated and are tentatively scheduled for October. 2017.

REPORT PREPARED BY: Government Lead 014