Welcome to the Military, Pilots, Police UAP Network

The Military Pilots Police UAP Network or MPPUN is a coalition of former and active duty service members, law enforcement, and aviation sector employee’s that are interested in the scientific study of unidentified aerial phenomena and:

  • Reporting
  • Networking
  • Mutual support
  • Public awareness
  • Public policy
  • Education
  • Research
  • Outreach

In 2017 when we began working with navy veterans who stepped forward to relate their encounters, or knowledge of unknown aerial objects, I became aware of the need for this type of organization. There was a vacuum in the space that could serve the men and women in public service or pilots who could not talk about these events in public, and in many cases with there own families. But when these same people are brought together privately, many feel a sense of vindication, relief, and acknowledgement, when they hear they are not alone. The same camaraderie and buddy system that existed in their careers is also found in the group. The organization is not aimed at simply reporting events, rather supporting those that may or may not wish to report but just need mutual support. We will maintain the confidentiality, respect and brotherhood and sisterhood that is deserved. While the idea for this group is to support, perhaps using media as a means of furthering the mission, educating the public and destigmatizing the topic. We hope you’ll join us.

This page is your introduction to the network. We will be forming a 501(c)3 with organized structure as time allows. Membership to the formalized organization will require an application and proof of service.

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