Key Assessments by Nimitz Pilots from the 13-Page Event Executive Summary.

The anomalous aerial vehicle was no known aircraft or air vehicle currently in the inventory of United States or any foreign nation.

The anomalous aerial view exhibited advanced low-observable characteristics at multiple radar bands rendering US radar-based engagement capabilities ineffective.

The anomalous aerial vehicle exhibited advanced aerodynamic performance with no visible control services and no visible means to generate lift.

The anomalous aerial vehicle exhibited advanced propulsion capabilities by demonstrating the ability to remain stationary, with little to no variation in altitude, transitioning to horizontal and or vertical velocities far greater than any known aerial vehicle, with little to no visible signature.

The anonymous aerial vehicle possibly demonstrated the ability to cloak or to become invisible to the human eye or human observation.

The anomalous aerial vehicle possibly demonstrated a highly advanced capability to operate undersea, completely undetectable by our most advanced sensors.

This document was first leaked to the public by KLAS investigative reporter George Knapp. You can watch his News Report and read the original 13-page executive summary on the KLAS website. This document is also transcribed from it’s original photocopy here.